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Antanas Vinkus

I have repeatedly visited my relatives who were staying at your institution. My own experience and the feedback of patients, who are currently undergoing treatment, or their relatives emphasize the good order and cleanliness maintained in the institution. Nurses are always sympathetic and warm-hearted towards the patients and, of course, take good care of them. They help patients overcome the disease, inspire them as well as give them faith and hope. The work of the nurses is positively reviewed by the relatives of the patients. I sincerely thank you for your love towards a sick person, for your dedication and for your compassionate treatment of those suffering.


Jolanta Baltrūnaitė

Two wonderful nurses Nijolė and Emilja work at the 4th floor of “Gemma” nursing centre. We are extremely grateful for their honest work, for taking care not only of the patients’ bodies, but also their souls. We are thankful for the opportunity to be treated with dignity even in case of a difficult situation. Humanity is far more important than money.


Vydas Dolinskas

Employees of “Gemma” nursing centre are simply amazing, because they have to be very strong both physically and psychologically as well as have a good knowledge of medicine. “Gemma” is an institution where all these aspects are fulfilled at a very high level. There is a variety of patients and the employees are always ready to help everyone with a smile. I want to wish all the employees of the nursing centre patience, strength and health. Your work is very important and requires a lot of responsibility. Many families consider you to be their supporting pillar.



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