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Other additional services

More services

We provide an opportunity to choose additional health care or other related and administrative services on your own initiative. The treating doctor or rehabilitation specialist can provide consultations on individual services of the wellness centre which could be useful for the patient being cared for.

Name of the service Price
Psychiatrist consultation

55.00 €

Neurologist consultation

55.00 €

Psychologist consultation

50.00 €

Transportation of the patient

55.00 €

Transportation of the patient to a treatment facility

20.00 €

Contract administration fee

50.00 €

Preparation of documents

50.00 €

Services of an accompanying person

20.00 €

Lift card

10.00 €

Individual inpatient physical therapy session (1 session)

29.00 €

Individual inpatient physical therapy session (10 sessions)

260.00 €

Inpatient occupational therapy (1 session)

29.00 €

Inpatient occupational therapy (10 sessions)

260.00 €

Inpatient massage (1 session)

29.00 €

Inpatient massage (10 sessions)

260.00 €

Individual exercise program (the service is provided upon departure from the Nursing Center, on the last day of stay)

45.00 €

Exercise - active half an hour (applies only to active guests of the Nursing Center, by personal decision as an additional activity)

0.00 €

Other services

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Nursing without limits

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Rest and health promotion

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Ar turite gydytojo siuntimą slaugos ir palaikomojo gydymo paslaugoms?

Ar per šiuos kalendorinius metus slaugos ir palaikomojo gydymo paslaugomis naudojotės ilgiau kaip 120 kalendorinių dienų?

Kaip skubiai reikalingos slaugos ir palaikomojo gydymo paslaugos?

Ar asmeniui diagnozuota demencija? (Alzheimerio liga, kraujagyslinė demencija, demencija su Lewy kūneliais, frontotemporalinė demencija, kt.)

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Ar bus reikalingas specializuotas maitinimas/dieta?


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