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Frequently asked questions

Even if the nursing centre “Gemma” will only be a short-term residence for you or your loved one, we have no doubt that you want to make the best decision. Often trust is one of the most important aspects when choosing a nursing institution, therefore we aim to provide it to you and we believe that many years of experience allow us to do so. We will prepare a treatment and nursing plan for your or your loved one, while focusing on controlling the symptoms caused by a chronic disease, regulating pain, stabilizing health condition and reducing discomfort.

Here are frequently asked questions and answers to them. We hope this will help you make the right choice.

Nursing services

How can I receive nursing services for free?

Firstly, the person must be covered by compulsory health insurance and have the referral from his/her treating doctor or family doctor.

Only the doctor can decide whether the patient needs inpatient nursing and supportive treatment services based on the condition of the patient. The most common reasons for the referral: after the outpatient treatment, when the outpatient care is ineffective; after inpatient treatment, when nursing and supportive treatment is necessary; in cases of prolonged illnesses and conditions, when an active inpatient treatment is not required; after brain surgery or other illnesses; after medical rehabilitation, when there is no change in the degree of impairment of the patient’s biosocial functions, but there are indications for symptomatic treatment and nursing; after various injuries, when medical rehabilitation is contraindicated; in case of oncologic conditions, when only symptomatic treatment remains, etc. Services are paid from the funds of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (up to 120 days per calendar year).

How to correctly estimate the costs of nursing services?

The prices of the services are directly depended on the nature of the services, available financing options (including the possibility to receive services compensated by the funds of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, etc.), the quality of the services, the modernity of the equipment and premises as well as the qualification of the employees. Not all institutions providing nursing and supportive treatment services offer the same scope of services and living conditions, therefore, before signing a contract/consent or other document determining the provision of services, you should verify the authenticity of the offered benefits by visiting the institution and directly communicating with its employees.

Are nursing and rehabilitation services the same thing?

Often patients expect not only innovative equipment and competent medical specialists, but also the provision of rehabilitation services. One of the advantages of the nursing centre “Gemma” is that we can offer and extremely wide range of rehabilitation and wellness services, which can be provided together with nursing and supportive treatment services. Our professional employees can prepare a plan of rehabilitation services while taking into account the needs and medical indications of the patient.

Are nursing and care services the same thing?

0It does not mean the same thing, but most of our residents or their relatives use these words as synonyms and do not always understand the difference.

Nursing and supportive treatment services are health care services provided in a hospital for a limited period of time with continuous supervision carried out by the medical staff. These services are intended to stabilize the symptoms caused by a chronic disease, manage pain and minimize the progression of a chronic disease as much as possible. “Gemma” offers high-quality, individual (based on an individual treatment and care plan) nursing and supportive treatment services, including rehabilitation services, which focus on controlling the symptoms caused by a chronic disease, stabilizing health condition, reducing the progression of the chronic disease and in this way improving the life quality of the patient. What is more, diagnostic procedures can be prescribed to the patient, his/her medical treatment can be adjusted, wounds (if any) can be treated and the physical activity can be encouraged. Nursing and supportive treatment services can be compensated by the funds of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

Care services – social services that ensure long-term accommodation for persons who are in a stable condition without the need for nursing and supportive treatment. These services are organized and provided at the municipal level, the persons have to pay the full or partial price for the services, depending on their income.

How to choose a nursing institution?

Is it important to check if there are possibilities of additional services and activities?

It is very important for the residents of the nursing centre to feel comfortable, stay active and interact with others, despite their medical conditions. In order to ensure this, the team of the nursing centre “Gemma” offers various additional services and activity programs. Individual exercises, massages, occupational therapy sessions, music, painting or handicraft therapies prevent our residents from getting bored and give benefit both to body and mind. What is more, we offer various activities led by qualified specialist visiting our institution.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a room?

Rooms must be safe, functional and adapted according to the needs of the residents. It is very important for the resident to feel calm and comfortable in the room, so often we offer to choose a single room, which we have plenty of (compared to other facilities of this type).

Which facilities of the nursing institution should I pay attention to?

The nursing institution should have wide, open and bright common areas in order for your loved ones to feel cosy and comfortable every day. You also need to feel comfortable in these spaces as you will want to visit your relatives and share moments. Installations and equipment must be adapted to the special needs of patients: functional beds, bathrooms with grab bars, handrails in corridors, etc.

Nursing services in our centre

Are meals customized for the patient at the nursing centre “Gemma”?

Our nursing centre does not have its own kitchen, so freshly prepared food is supplied 3-4 times a day by our long-term partners. Residents can enjoy healthy and delicious food. We offer a balanced diet for our residents, which, if necessary, can be adjusted based on the recommendations of a doctor.

Is the nursing centre “Gemma” always open for visitors?

Although our nursing centre is just a temporary home for our residents, we have clear, but quite flexible rules on visiting them, so you will definitely be able to find the right time and place to visit your loved ones or friends. You can spend time in their room as well as in other areas adapted for this purpose. Please note, that our main priority is the well-being of our residents and we strictly follow infection control requirements, so we recommend for you to follow the information we publish, as we may sometimes make temporary restrictions on visiting, while taking into account both the epidemiological situation in our centre and Lithuania.

Do all residents of the nursing centre “Gemma” receive the same level of care and attention?

Our employees ensure immediate care and concern for each resident, while taking into consideration their health status and individuals needs. If the health condition of a resident requires special care or attention this is also taken into account. What is more, we constantly respond to additional needs and requests of our patients and do our best in order to fulfil them.

How many employees will be assigned to take care of my loved one at the nursing centre “Gemma”?

A large team of qualified specialist takes care of the residents at the nursing centre “Gemma”: doctors, general practice nurses, nurse assistants, social workers, physiotherapists, massage therapists and other specialists whose skills are important for the process of treatment and health promotion. Most of the time our residents encounter general practice nurses and their assistants as they take care not only of the hygiene and comfort of each resident every day, but also maintain a positive atmosphere in the nursing centre. It is often the case that our employees become close friends with the residents and maintain these relations for a long time.

Will I or my loved one feel better at the nursing centre “Gemma” than at home?

This is one of the most important questions when making a decision about staying at our centre. It is understandable that persons often do not want to change their usual and well-known home environment to a new place, but it is important to understand the necessity of such a decision when significant circumstances change. At home, we usually do not have the necessary knowledge and equipment in order to ensure the maximum comfort of the person and the control of symptoms caused by a chronic disease. That is why entrusting the nursing of a family member with a team of dedicated professionals is a wise decision. In this way, you will be able to focus more on strengthening your own health as well as taking time to rest and recover. When choosing a nursing institution, you should remember that not all institutions can offer the same conditions, so we invite you to come visit the nursing centre “Gemma” and evaluate the quality of our services yourself. In order to do so, please register by phone or email in advance.

How the nursing centre “Gemma” is different from other nursing institutions?

“Gemma” is a private institution which provides high-quality nursing, supportive treatment, rehabilitation and wellness services. These services are provided by professionals from various fields. Flexibility and good infrastructure (convenient location in the city, double or single rooms, etc.) allow us to implement modern nursing practices, while focusing on our residents. In order to provide high-quality nursing and supportive treatment services, we invest in attracting and retaining professional employees as well as improving their competence. One of our main goals is gathering a team which has the necessary knowledge, understands and respects the dignity of every resident. That is why we aim to employ only competent, experienced and motivated specialists who love their job.

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