Individual Physiotherapy in the Pool

Aquatic physiotherapy helps restore flexibility and movement amplitude, strengthen muscles. Physiotherapy exercises in the pool are good for the lower parts of the body, and for people with the balance disorders. Exercises are done in water, warm water relaxes muscles and allows you to effectively do gymnastics. Physiotherapy exercises in water and gymnastics can help get rid of health problems.

They also improve metabolism, blood circulation, strengthen muscles.

Gymnastics is good for the overweight people, those who suffer from pain in the spine and joints, who want to strengthen the muscles and have a graceful posture. These exercises are suitable for women e who want to strengthen the muscles after childbirth (with the gynecologist’s permission).

Duration - 45 minutes.

The cost of an individual physiotherapy session in the water at the center of rehabilitation and care "Gemma" is 27 EUR.

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