Underwater Massage

Underwater massage is a method of treatment when a patient is massaged with high water pressure. The procedure improves blood and lymph circulation, nutrition of the tissues, relaxes muscles, relieves pain. Massage with underwater currents is recommended for people with bone and joint injuries, neurological diseases, osteochondrosis, problems with digestion and metabolism, as well as people with extra weight and cellulite. Underwater massage improves metabolism, blood circulation, strengthens muscles.

The cost of underwater massage at the center of rehabilitation and care "Gemma":

               1 time / 27 EUR

               10 times / 243 EUR

Duration - 30 minutes.

Pearl Baths

Pearl baths are mineral baths, saturated with air bubbles. The therapeutic effect of the mineral water is complemented by the air that saturates the bath with oxygen. Air bubbles gently massage the body, improving mood, sleep, relieving stress, improving body response, blood circulation, metabolism.

The cost of pearl baths at the center of rehabilitation and care "Gemma":

               1 time / 19 EUR

               10 times / 171 EUR

Duration 30 minutes.

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