Pre-operative Rehabilitation


Preparation for surgery is just as important as the surgery itself and the rehabilitation afterwards. Therefore, the recovery process in some cases is recommended to be done before the operation. It is called pre-operative rehabilitation.

In case of injury the activity of the injured area decreases, it quickly atrophies and weakens the muscles, reducing the range of motion of the joints. The most commonly used pre-operative rehabilitation is performed after the meniscus tear, the internal lateral ligament of the knee, ligament injuries of the sacrum, as well as when planning joint replacement operations on the back. 

According to the experts, an effective pre-operative rehabilitation leads to a better recovery after the surgery.

Scientific studies have shown that good preparation before the surgery significantly improves the results after. For patients, this means faster recovery and quicker return to normal life.

One of the most important tasks of the pre-operative rehabilitation is to prepare the joints, muscles and body for the surgery to get the best result possible and a quick recovery. It has been discovered that the results of operations are affected by the condition of the joints and surrounding tissues before the surgery: the ability to fully flex the joints, the minimal muscle atrophy, minimal swelling of the joints, and other factors must be as close to normal as possible.

Pre-operative rehabilitation allows a person to safely activate the damaged area after the operation to get the best results.

After an injury or in case of chronic diseases as well as while preparing for an operation, muscles weaken and atrophy very quickly, decreasing the range of motion of joints. Pre-operative physiotherapy is used after the meniscus tear, internal and lateral knee ligament damages, in case of injuries of the sacrum, arthroplasty, spinal surgery.

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