"Healthy Back" Exercises for Children Aged 6-12


"Healthy Back" is intended for children of the preschool and school age (under 12 years old). Physical exercises are created to train all muscle groups, with special attention to the abdominal muscles and shoulder girdle. These exercises are good for the proper bone formation, heart and respiratory systems, and to strengthen the nervous system. They develop and improve balance and coordination. Over the course a session, a lot of attention is paid to the proper formation of the feet. Sport helps improve all body functions, develop grace, plasticity, expressiveness, contributes to good posture.

“Healthy back” exercises are chosen regarding the child's age, physical features and abilities. Since the exercises have elements of a game, they are not boring. These exercises correct posture, the curvature of the spine, prevent deformation of the chest, treat flatfoot.

The cost of “healthy back” exercises:

              1 times - 19 EUR

               10 times - 171 EUR 

Duration - 45 minutes.

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