Gymnastics for Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is a very important period in every woman's life. Classes in the pool and gym during pregnancy help to bear a child and prepare the woman for childbirth. Stretching improves blood flow to the placenta, the fetus gets more oxygen, the mother becomes happier and positive emotions are very important for the formation of the nervous system of an unborn child. Activities in the water and gym increase the mobility of the pelvic joints, reduce the congestion in the veins, strengthen muscles.

Gymnastics can be practiced at any period of pregnancy, except for the times when the physical state does not allow to. 

Exercises for pregnant women in the gym:

  • develop muscle strength;
  • improve muscle tone, joint mobility;
  • strengthen the pelvic muscles which play an important role during childbirth;
  • reduce the tension in the back;
  • improve metabolism, cardiovascular and respiratory systems which are very important for the development of the child;
  • reduce the risk of complications during birth;
  • provide psychological support and exchange of experience.

Exercises can be practiced with a variety of equipment: large and small balls, dumbbells, rubbers, gymnastic sticks, etc.

Exercises for pregnant women in the water:

  • relax;
  • relieve tension in the back;
  • help reduce the tension in the legs;
  • improve mood, sleep;
  • reduce swelling in the legs and congestion in the veins.

One session for pregnant women at the center of rehabilitation and care "Gemma" lasts 45 minutes.

The cost of classes for pregnant women in the pool / gym:

1 time - 19 EUR

10 times - 171 EUR

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