Gymnastics for Сhildren with Massage Elements


Physiotherapy helps children's mental and physical development. Gymnastics for children with elements of massage stimulates physical growth, mental development, has a positive effect on blood circulation, respiration, and metabolism. A child can start exercising from the age of two months when the tone in hands and feet lowers.

The adapting of exercises to the child's age has many benefits: it helps children to grow up being healthy, cheerful, sleep well and have a good appetite.

Exercises are recommended for babies under one-year-old suffering from muscle tone disorders, muscle asymmetry, and for prevention and treatment of curvature of the neck, as well as treatment of possible abnormalities.

Children's gymnastics with elements of massage at the rehabilitation and care center “Gemma” lasts 30 minutes.

The cost:

1 time - 27 EUR

10 times - 243 EUR

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