Swimming for Babies and Children


Water affects child’s emotions. When swimming, they become happier, have a lot of fun. Swimming helps children to be more calm, it also increases their appetite. Moreover, water makes infants stronger. These children are less likely to catch a cold or pick up other viral diseases. It is recommended to start attending a pool with a child from the age of 3 months, and before that -- to enjoy the bath and gradually prepare for the swimming pool.


Benefits from swimming:

  • Swimming strengthens the immune system. Due to changes in temperature (difference between air and water) the body's resistance increases and the child's immune system gets stronger. It has been proven that such babies are less likely to suffer from viral diseases and are easier to overcome them.
  • Swimming relaxes the nervous system and is especially recommended for the babies with a high muscle tone. Water and water exercises are suitable for infants with low muscle tone. Most pediatricians and neurologists recommend combining swimming with massages. Regular pool visits help normalize the skin tone and nervous system.
  • Despite the fact that the babies are still quite small, they socialize during group lessons, learn to communicate and respond to the environment, and develop stronger relationships with the parents.
  • Regular pool exercises are particularly good for preventing dysplasia of the pelvic joints.
  • In the water baby’s lungs work more actively, the lungs’ volume increases and training the respiratory muscles.
  • Swimming improves blood circulation in the brain, and psychomotorics, in other words, the brain activity of a child will be better.
  • During the lessons, children learn not to be afraid of water, and also develop instincts of self-preservation and self-confidence.
  • Water is an ideal environment for strengthening and muscle development.
  • Infants who regularly visit the pool are quieter, they eat and sleep better, and begin to stand and walk earlier than their non-swimming friends.
  • In addition, swimming pool brings joy to the whole family.

Duration of a lesson - 45 minutes.

To be able to attend a swimming lesson an adult accompanying the baby needs to have: a swimsuit, a hat, flip-flops, a towel, a shower set. Children and infants need to have: a swimsuit or a special diaper.

Swimming lessons at the rehabilitation and care center “Gemma” cost:

               1 time - 19 EUR

               10 times - 171 EUR

Please, before attending register via the phone +370 5 219 59 05

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