"Healthy Back" Physiotherapy

"Healthy Back" is a special complex of exercises for the spine and back, during which the focus stays on the reduction of muscle imbalance, development of the correct posture and reducing the back pain.

Exercises strengthen the body and develop endurance of both deep and superficial muscles, focusing on the correct body movement. In order to strengthen the spine, special exercises that strengthen the muscles around the spine and improve the overall condition of the body and correct posture were created.

Exercises are conducted in small groups under the special supervision of a therapist. The aim is to stabilize the corset which strengthens the deep and superficial muscles of the body. The main function of the deep muscles is to hold the body center in the neutral position, and thereby avoid pain in the lower or upper back, and contribute to a healthy posture.

These exercises are suitable for those who experience pain in the lower and upper back, complain about stress, for people with incorrect posture and those who have sedentary work. 

This is one of the safest types of training because the same exercises are also used for rehabilitation after injuries. 

"Healthy back" teaches to perform each exercise correctly, change positions, and introduces working ergonomics. These exercises are good to ease the pain in the back and joint and to strengthen the entire body.

 The cost of physiotherapy sessions at the center of rehabilitation and care "Gemma":

              1 time - 19 EUR

               10 times - 171 EUR

Duration of a session - 45 minutes.


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