Functional Movement Screening

Functional movement screening (FMS) is designed to assess the quality of the primary or main motion, motion control and its integrity. Most people are able to perform various movements during different sessions, but fail to pass the FMS requirements.

These people perform daily activities using compensatory movement patterns, and if the compensation is taking long, the system overruns and becomes less effective: more efforts are needed for normal movements, and the use of joints, ligaments and muscles that don’t fit the normal principles of biomechanics allows to predict potential injuries.

FMS specialist:

  • determines the damage of the musculoskeletal system motion, or restrictive motion that do not allow to perform the required actions;
  • evaluates the risk factors: lack of mobility and stability, the absence of symmetry between the opposing sides of the body, limitations of movement, and muscle activation disorders;
  • links the results with the physical activity of the patient.

During the FMS the lack of mobility and stability, the absence of symmetry and limitation of movement are examined. The results of the FMS are connected to the physical and sport activity of the patient.

The cost of the functional movement screening at the center of rehabilitation and care "Gemma" (including medical consultation) is 29 EUR.

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