Cryotherapy is a treatment in particularly low temperatures, in other words, the cold treatment. Medical carbon (-78 degrees) is used for the treatment. During cryotherapy, microcrystals (-78 degrees CO2) are passed through a special tube. In the air, they instantly turn into steam, and the skin together with the membrane in a very short time (about 30 seconds) is cooled down to 2-5 degrees.

During cryotherapy and the cooling of the temperature of the tissues, metabolism and energy slow down, inflammation, pain and spasms are reduced. Cold treatment helps both with sharp and dull aches. Cold constricts blood vessels, through which the pain spreads. While being in the cold, the appetite and the action of enzymes decline, and the oxygen consumption decreases.

Cold reduces the activity of sensory nerves and muscle fibers and the speed of nerve impulses, thereby reducing spasms and maintaining muscle elasticity.

Duration of cryotherapy at the rehabilitation and care center "Gemma" is 10 minutes.

It costs:

1 time - 11 EUR

10 times - 99 EUR


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