Shoulder Girdle (Neck Area) Massage

The neck area and shoulder girdle are the most stress sensitive. Shoulders and the neck area most affected by the modern habits of constantly looking at a mobile screen.

(a phone, tablet, etc.) with the head bowed. This habit is one of the reasons of sore shoulders. Looking at the screen with the head down, the neck muscles are put under a lot of pressure. The head gets heavy, the neck muscles are overstrained, and as a result, the pain appears. If you feel pain and tension in the neck and shoulder area, a massage is highly recommended.

Massage improves blood circulation of the shoulder girdle, it relaxes muscles, calms the nervous system, gets rid of fatigue and oversensitivity, stress, insomnia, reduces pain in the shoulders, head, neck, and throat.

The cost of the shoulder girdle and neck area massage at the center of rehabilitation and care "Gemma":

               1 time / 27 EUR

               10 times / 243 EUR

Duration - 30 minutes.

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