Nursing Care

Even though there is no formula or advice on beautiful aging, the "Gemma" experts work hard every single day taking care of your loved ones to make their aging the best it can be.



Individual rehabilitation procedures and their intensity are set according to the state of each patient. the patients of the rehabilitation and care center "Gemma" are provided with the following procedures: kinesitherapy, massages, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, occupational therapy, aromatherapy and many other. Our patients also receive a consultation with a neurologist, psychotherapist, traumatologist, psychologist. The patient’s relatives can receive psychological counseling too.


All patients get a comfortable single and double rooms with TV and air conditioning. All rooms are equipped with an individual shower and toilet with a special anti-slip floor and armrests. The patients of the rehabilitation and care center "Gemma" can call the staff without leaving the room, using our special call button. If necessary, patients are provided with the facilities for people with disabilities.

Active Pastime

The center organizes a whole variety of cultural activities. There is a chapel with regular Masses. Apart from religious festivals, various concerts, shows, board games and craft classes are being held at the center. A lot of attention is paid to outdoor activities.

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