Lymphatic Drainage

A well-functioning lymphatic system is a key to good health. Lymph is the body fluid circulating in the lymphatic system and body tissues. Its main goal is to cleanse the body of toxic substances. Not only is lymph similar to blood plasma, because it is formed from it, but it is also very important for general health.

Lymphatic drainage massage is good not only for beauty purposes but for health too.

Lymphatic drainage by the compression device "Pulstar S2" is a nice painless procedure, similar to a pulsating massage. It effectively improves the blood supply. The device uses air pressure to rhythmically massage legs and arms. It is used to help the body release liquids and toxins. This massage improves blood circulation, helps lose weight, get rid of cellulite, treat the venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

The cost of lymphatic drainage with the "Pulstar S2" device at the rehabilitation and care center "Gemma":

               1 time / 11 EUR

               10 times / 99 EUR

Duration - 20 minutes.

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