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Complex Scoliosis Treatment

2022 11 28

Complex scoliosis treatment solutions are applied at the nursing and wellness centre “Gemma”. After the diagnosis is established, a detailed treatment plan is prepared for a patient. The plan is being coordinated with several specialists: a doctor, physiotherapist and massage therapist. A treatment plan is prepared while taking into account the specifics of the diagnosis and the physiotherapist then follows the mentioned plan. During the physiotherapy sessions, the specialist teaches the patient how to perform exercises correctly. In order to achieve optimal results, the patient has to be patient, because these specific exercises will have to be done every day. At the beginning of the treatment, the exercises are performed with the help of a physiotherapist, and later they are done independently at home. Patients should regularly visit a doctor or physiotherapist in order to discuss the progress and adjust the treatment. Doctor Simona Švelginienė says that in order to treat scoliosis, you have to be patient. Massages and other physiotherapy procedures are often recommended to reduce soft tissue and muscle tension.
The Schroth method, one of the most effective treatment methods in Europe and the USA, is applied for scoliosis treatment at the rehabilitation and nursing centre “Gemma”.
You should remember that the best results can only be achieved with the application of complex solutions, the persistence of the patient and the specialist care.

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. In case of minor changes, a person or others may not even notice it. In case of serious changes, they give the spine an “S” or “C” shape. Due to the rotation of the vertebrae caused by this disorder, the ribs attached to them rotate along with it, the thorax is deformed, the hump and indentations appear. A patient suffers from changes in his/her appearance, and in the case of advance scoliosis, the functions of the lungs and even the heart as well as the blood vessels are disturbed. Scoliosis can also be a concomitant diagnosis in case of central nervous system disorders and neuromuscular conditions. However, in most cases (80 percent) the causes of scoliosis are unknown. Such scoliosis is called idiopathic. The probability that a child will inherit scoliosis increases by a third if both parents suffer from this disorder.

The specialists working at “Gemma” were the first ones to apply the Schroth method in Lithuania. It is applied to idiopathic scoliosis of various degrees, but the effectiveness of this method depends on many factors: patient’s age, the risk of progression, existing Cobb angle, etc. The main point of the Schroth method is “hypercorrection” of the spine, i.e. application of certain positions that are opposite to the natural curves of the spine and maintenance of hypercorrection obtained through special exercises.

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